MISSION (continued)

Improvisational virtuosity has a special power all its own, for it is great art unfolding before our eyes. It allows us to witness the creative process itself - a process that reaffirms our humanity; for it is aspirational, demanding, organic, complex, unique, unpredictable yet comprehensible. It celebrates individual freedom by providing the individual the freedom to celebrate, yet reminds us that synergy in music, as in the world, is optimized within the context of community, thus affirming our interdependence. It is both evolutionary and revolutionary, defining something new by building on a rich heritage of rhythm, melody and harmony; providing novelty yet continuity, where the musician, through the musical performance in the present, pays homage to the past while unveiling a passageway to the future. Improvisation is a courageous act that requires the trust and teamwork of the musicians who are taking a chance on behalf of themselves and the audience, so that all involved might take a unique "Walk in Beauty" for a fleeting moment among infinite moments. Yes, music has a special power and thus a special promise. As custodians of this power and promise, we have a special duty.