The next few festivals will be held in Northwest Montana. A one day Walking in Beauty Festival will cost approximately $20,000.00: $5000 of which will be defrayed by Mr. Blazer's in kind contributions and another $5000 through ticket receipts from concert attendees. Therefore, the net cash cost to WIB to produce a one-day festival will be approximately $10,000. Mr. Blazer has pledged $20,000/year that will allow WIB to sponsor two festivals per year for the next four years.

Beginning in 2003 and going forward, WIB would like to be in a position to do at least 10 one-day Walking In Beauty festivals per year at a total net cash cost to WIB of $100,000. With Mr. Blazer's annual contribution, WIB needs to raise $80,000 annually for the next four years in order to fulfill its minimal goal of sponsoring 10 one-day festivals for the 2003-2006 calendar years.