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Our mission is to provide communities in Montana and the Northwest the opportunity to "Walk in Beauty" - to have their lives enriched by experiencing, in person, the virtuosity of masters of classical and contemporary improvisational music.

We are captivated by Beauty. To "Walk in Beauty" is to experience "heaven on earth". We crave "the authentically beautiful" - for it cannot be represented, but instead must be experienced first hand - and then only remembered, memories that continue to energize long afterwards. We cherish the handiwork of creative masters of the Arts, for it is through their creativity that we find nourishment, enrichment and insight.

Music has a special power. If listened to at reasonable volumes, making music, seems to be unique among human activities in that it has no adverse side effects, per se. From this perspective, music can be described as intrinsically "good". Music is universal in its appeal and impact - it has an uncanny ability to speak to all of us. When we "walk" in the midst of great music, being performed with sincerity by master craftsmen, it is a delight and a privilege. It transforms.

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