To accomplish its mission and goals, WIB in cooperation with a host college or high school, will sponsor a one or multi-day music festival that combines many mentoring opportunities for students from regional schools, with a special performance for the host community. WIB will provide the master musicians (clinicians), the curriculum, and oversight of the event. There will be no admission fees associated with the educational clinics and a nominal fee for the performance. WIB is essentially providing a turnkey educational and performing opportunity that is unprecedented in its quality and cost effectiveness, and, until now, unavailable.

By combining successful components from other educational events, a unique clinic/performance model has been developed.

1.)  Each school jazz band will have an opportunity to perform a pre-rehearsed selection of their choosing in front of all the other participating school band members and the visiting clinicians. At the end of each performance, there will be a period of critique and mentoring from the clinicians for the benefit of all participants. Once all school bands have been evaluated, the clinicians will perform for the students followed by a question and answer period.